Thursday, July 15, 2010

Digital Sermon

I didn't intend for this song to go where it went! It began as a slow moody chord progression written on guitar and then came out of the speakers sounding like a church organ playing a sermon with a deranged monkey bashing away on a set of mis-matched drums. It's as though the "Dulcet Clones" took over my brain and made this song appear in my computer. This one is all digital, every note was input via computer keypad, no real instruments were played, nothing was done in real time. I tried to replace the churchy organ sounds with cool synth tracks but nothing sounded as good as the organs, and I don't know why the bass track works so well but I knew better than to try and record myself playing a superior one, and there was just no room for guitar here. Click here SoundCloud to listen

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This song was composed in 1997 and appeared as a solo guitar piece on my 1998 CD "Stories Without Words". This new version uses the actual guitar track from that CD, although a few seconds were trimmed from the intro and the ending and it was touched up with chorus effect and digital delay for use here. Every track was recorded in real time, the percussion was "played" on a synth that was programmed to make drum sounds when pressing the keys, the synth was then programmed to make a, well, "synth" sound, and was recorded in one take. It was then divided into four sections that were each altered slightly in an audio editor thereby giving subtly different sounds as the song progresses. The bass guitar track was also given the audio editor treatment, taking it into a sort of brassy/metallic realm. I think this recording reflects some of the prog influences I've soaked up over the years, early 70's Genesis and more recently Icelands Sigur Ros. Click here Soundclick to listen.

Silicon Dirge

This is the first song I created in my new persona. It was composed almost in it's entirety on a bass guitar, but in an odd twist of fate, the bass guitar track didn't fit in the mix once the song took shape and didn't end up in the song. This was because it was replaced by what sounds like a male chorus that's sort of humming the bassline throughout the song. This was computer generated and like most of the "voices" and virtual instruments I utilize these days I refer to them as the "Dulcet Clones", kind of my virtual backing band. The percussion and all of the synth tracks were also computer generated but the guitars were all played and recorded in real time. The first two guitar parts are a solid body electric guitar that was recorded with a mic instead of being plugged in, giving it a distant, kind of dry sound, which was what I was looking for. These tracks were altered slightly in an audio editor to give them a somewhat metallic feel. The last two guitar parts were played on a typical nylon string classical guitar and didn't require any audio editing to feel at home in the mix. I did experiment with them but found that they sounded best un-altered in this song. Click here SoundCloud to listen.

Welcome to my New World

Back in 2002 I released my third(and last) solo guitar CD. It was called "Dulcet Tones" and featured some of the mellower classical guitar music from my repertoire, along with several softer, experimental original songs. When a clerk at a CD chainstore mistakenly entered it into the store database as "Dulcet Jones" I knew that one day I would put that name to use somehow. So, when I began creating this new multi-layered music that is so different from anything I've released before I became Dulcet Jones. You can hear some of my new music at Dulcet Jones at SoundCloud .