Thursday, July 15, 2010

Digital Sermon

I didn't intend for this song to go where it went! It began as a slow moody chord progression written on guitar and then came out of the speakers sounding like a church organ playing a sermon with a deranged monkey bashing away on a set of mis-matched drums. It's as though the "Dulcet Clones" took over my brain and made this song appear in my computer. This one is all digital, every note was input via computer keypad, no real instruments were played, nothing was done in real time. I tried to replace the churchy organ sounds with cool synth tracks but nothing sounded as good as the organs, and I don't know why the bass track works so well but I knew better than to try and record myself playing a superior one, and there was just no room for guitar here. Click here SoundCloud to listen

1 comment:

  1. I like it...reminds me of NIN...keep it up, I think messing around with the tempo is good for songs like these. Look forward to hearing more..:)