Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Silicon Dirge

This is the first song I created in my new persona. It was composed almost in it's entirety on a bass guitar, but in an odd twist of fate, the bass guitar track didn't fit in the mix once the song took shape and didn't end up in the song. This was because it was replaced by what sounds like a male chorus that's sort of humming the bassline throughout the song. This was computer generated and like most of the "voices" and virtual instruments I utilize these days I refer to them as the "Dulcet Clones", kind of my virtual backing band. The percussion and all of the synth tracks were also computer generated but the guitars were all played and recorded in real time. The first two guitar parts are a solid body electric guitar that was recorded with a mic instead of being plugged in, giving it a distant, kind of dry sound, which was what I was looking for. These tracks were altered slightly in an audio editor to give them a somewhat metallic feel. The last two guitar parts were played on a typical nylon string classical guitar and didn't require any audio editing to feel at home in the mix. I did experiment with them but found that they sounded best un-altered in this song. Click here SoundCloud to listen.

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