Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Halloween, I'm Afraid

My latest composition, "Halloween, I'm Afraid" is now available at SoundClick, complete with cover art by Natalie Graham.  I have been thinking about doing a halloween themed song for a few years, and now, to quote Gene Wilder in "Young Frankenstien", IT'S ALIVE!  Cliche rules here, spooky organ, percussion that sounds like a rattling chain(and is in fact the sound of me breaking a glass jar with a hammer), eerie voices that are just about saying something and a haunting piano ending that could be from any ghost movie that ever featured a scene with a piano playing all by itself.  The "Dulcet Clones" were around for the first few tracks but seem to have disappeared somewhere in the mix.  Spooky.  Anyway, you can hear a preview online(and see Natalies artwork) at Just Click Here

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