Sunday, May 12, 2013

Electro Acoustic Lament

Here we have a song with no percussion or programmed tracks, I'm playing all instruments in real time.  The first guitar is my trusty Takemine classical that I recorded all of my solo guitar CD's with, although it's got some effects on it here.  The second guitar is a solid body electric, also with effects, and then I'm playing 3 synth tracks.  Even the wind at the intro is a synth.  All of the motion in the video was created by two things, one was that the video camera was attached to a blade of my ceiling fan, and the second was caused by a "Swirl" effect my video software has.  Nothing in the video is distinguishable because I applied several video distortion effects along with the swirl.  Psychedelic.  Here's a link to the video on YouTube

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