Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Halloween, I'm Afraid" Review

Independent music reviewer Bob Noble wrote:

"Halloween, I'm Afraid" by Dulcet Jones. "5.0 out of 5 stars Very interesting concept and sometimes unusual 24 Aug 2013
By Bob Noble
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I must admit I am more of a traditional music listener but there is something about Dulcet Jones' music that I find intriguing. There's an interesting blend and use of instruments and texture in the entire album. It is similar to reading a book just to find out what happens next, there's something in the music here that has the same appeal.

Out of all the tracks in this album I do prefer "Overmed Daydream", this (for me) is an extremely well thought-out and implemented piece which has been brought together to form a great soundscape in its own right. Some of the other tracks I would prefer to view as animated videos which has been synchronised with visual elements. Though I do imagine such a thing while listening to it, it would also give a greater understanding of the composer's thoughts while conceptualising the work. It would be interesting to see.

Good work and some very nice ideas indeed. As an indie artist myself, I am always looking to broaden my own horizons and there's enough cleverly implemented audio twists to think about.

I look forward to listening to more musical content from this artist."

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