Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Great Podcast Discovery - Aural Apocalypse

I'd like to share this podcast with anyone who likes my music, when I found it a couple of weeks ago and listened to a few episodes I was elated to find people who make and like music in the same vein as I do. DJ Merrick starts each episode with her cryptic message, "Aural Apocalypse - A Soundtrack For the Final Days", and proceeds to play music by artists from all over the world creating the darkest sounds you will ever hear. While my music isn't as dark as most of the music I hear on these podcasts, I do think a couple of my songs would fit right in, such as "Overmed Daydream" and "Electro Acoustic Lament". Several of the songs I've heard here combine acoustic instruments with synths and/or industrial noise to create an amazing, inspiring atmosphere. You can find it online here: Aural Apocalypse Website

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