Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Little Neutrino" - Klaatu, One of my Influences

Among all of the artists and bands that have had a big influence on my song creation process there are a number of specific songs that stand out. "Little Neutrino" from the first Klaatu album is one of them. A song that came from the 1970's that featured acoustic instruments and synthesizers plus a creepy vocoder effect on the vocals that gave it an alien feel. Add to that the lengthy outro where the sounds of rockets and colliding metal drift in and out adding to the spacey atmosphere in a way I had never heard before. This song was a bit of an anomaly for this record though, most of the other songs were a little more upbeat and, while very progressive, had more of a pop sound, especially in the vocals. Another oddity attached to this record was a short splash in the press where several stories cropped up claiming Klaatu was actually the Beatles recording under a different name. Many things gave this theory credibility, the fact that no musicians names were listed on the cover and they had one vocalist who sounded a lot like John Lennon, and another that sounded quite a bit like Paul McCartney, plus some of the song writing had a Beatles feel to it. It was eventually revealed though that the members of Klaatu were in fact a couple of Canadian session musicians. The success of this album urged them to round up some more members and release more music. This link is to the YouTube video;
Little Neutrino

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