Sunday, October 20, 2013

Progress Report - "More Halloween, I'm Afraid"

I have four songs written and recorded now for the follow up album to "Halloween, I'm Afraid" and have a lot of ideas and little snippets of music to work with so far for more. My website is getting a lot of traffic, I seem to have caught on to a trend I wasn't looking for. People who are not only halloween fanatics, but progressive rock fans as well. The funny thing is, when I first got into the whole "Dulcet Jones" thing and began creating this music I wasn't aiming for the halloween market at all. I've always been really into halloween but that wasn't in the forefront until after playing several of my new tracks for my teenage daughter and having her say they all sound spooky. That's why several of the songs on "Halloween, I'm Afraid" don't have particularly halloweenish or spooky titles. My daughter is now doing the artwork for my album covers, having graduated from a reputable college in graphic design, that's her handiwork on the cover for "Halloween, I'm Afraid", and she has already made a really cool cover for the follow up. And speaking of halloween, there was a "Zombie Walk" through the local downtown here yesterday, here's a pic:

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