Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Solo Guitar Past Re-Package

"Solo Guitar Originals" is a collection of 11 original songs from the era of my music career as solo guitarist Jim Graham(my real name). Between 1996 and 2002 three CD's were released that included several classical, Celtic and flamenco songs plus these 11 pieces that I composed. Included here is the solo guitar version of "Timeframe", one of the tracks that appears on "Halloween, I'm Afraid", and "An Gorta Mor", my most popular song from that era.
Here's the direct link to iTunes, the album is only $3.99US!
Solo Guitar Originals - Jim Graham

This is "Train of Thought", one of the flamenco influenced songs,

If any of you guitar types out there are interested, I have scored "Train of Thought", "Deep Cove Hop", "Morisons March" and "An Gorta Mor" in tab and notation. Contact me if you want a copy, they're free!

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