Saturday, January 18, 2014

D I Y Recording Tips, Continued

This is more of a songwriting tip, technically but using PowerTab Editor to write parts for particular instruments is a brilliant piece of technology. I just stumbled upon another one of those "aha" aspects to using this program. You might call it a happy accident but I was composing a track for synthesizer and after I got it scored and added it to the mix it just didn't feel right. I decided to leave it and go to work on a bass track when a sudden flash of inspiration hit me: what if I took the synth track I just created and went back into PowerTab Editor and changed the track sound to Bass guitar? It's extremely easy to change sounds on PowerTab Editor, and fun to experiment with. It was a single note piece already so I gave it a try and added it to the mix. To my amazement the synth track I was trying to make turned out to be a perfect bass guitar track. Now I'm in the process of learning what I wrote so I can play it in real time on my bass guitar. This will be heard in a new song that I might call "The First of November", which has a kind of 'looking back at great memories' feel in reference to being the day after halloween.

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