Saturday, February 1, 2014

DIY Recording - Experimental Guitar Tips

This post is about experimenting with different ways to record guitars to get more interesting sounds. The recording included here has two examples I've used, the first is an excerpt from "Silicon Dirge" where I recorded a light strumming passage played on a solid body electric guitar, but instead of plugging it into an amp I recorded it unplugged with a condenser microphone. This produces a slightly metallic, almost brittle sound with some pick noise but it fits the song in my opinion. This is not a new technique, I've read about other artists who have done this, most notably U2 when Brian Eno was producing them. The second example is an excerpt from "Electro Acoustic Lament", here I recorded a basic classical guitar with a built in pick up plugged into an amplifier. Usually a guitar like this would be recorded with a mic if you were going for the best guitar tone, but I wanted to see what else I could do. The amp is a Fender Mustang modeling amp that has many built in effects, here I used a "step filter". A lot of traditional guitarists aren't quite sure what to make of this effect, it adds more notes to any note you actually play and wouldn't fit in to many traditional styles of music, but I'm not playing traditional music here so anything goes. There is also a bit of reverb and digital delay, why stop at one effect? I often record a guitar part numerous times using different set ups until I find something I feel fits the song.

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