Friday, April 25, 2014

The Writing/Recording Process

This is an ever changing entity for me but a pattern is starting to develop for some of my music. It involves hearing an idea in my head that I want to capture "on tape"(which really means in digital audio form now) and then picking up a guitar(most of the time) and finding the chord progression or riff I'm hearing and getting a recording of it, usually with just a clean guitar sound. Then I spend a few weeks thinking about it and "imagining" in my mind where it could go and what kind of sounds I want it to have. At this point I almost always hit a wall and just can't move forward with it and it sits on a back burner for a week or so. Then, all of a sudden one day I sit at the recording console, grab either a guitar or synth and start recording what I am convinced will be more rough ideas only to find that I have about half of the song I've been imagining recorded and a very clear idea of what it needs to be complete. At this point it's just a matter of recording the parts and mixing it. One of the things that makes this all more complicated and time consuming is that I strive to create something new and will use as many or as few instruments/sounds as I like, which takes more time for several reasons. Add to that my love of progressive rock that doesn't follow formulas and usually avoids repetition and you've got a complicated task ahead of you. Each song is a challenge that I love to take on.

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