Saturday, June 21, 2014

November First Coming Down

All the parts of this song were recorded entirely in real time on real instruments. The first guitar you hear is a nylon string classical acoustic, when the strumming starts you hear a steel string acoustic which is joined by 3 electric guitar tracks playing in harmony for the "big ending". I'm playing a solid body electric bass throughout and all the synth parts were played, not programmed. There is no percussion here, I just couldn't here where it needed any. The title alludes to the day after halloween, the excitement is over and the good memories are mixed with anticipation for the next year's festivities. I'm considering working up a solo guitar version of this song, I really like playing the fingerstyle part it starts with and some friends and past musical collaborators are asking me to come out and do a few songs at one of the many open stage nights in my area. I used to frequent them in the past, it's a great way to test out songs and meet new people while reconnecting with old friends.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Red Narasimha

This song was inspired by a picture of an ancient Tibetan mask that has it's roots in early Tibetan mythology. The complete story is complicated, involving many long names and relationships but the gist of it is that "Hiranyakashipu"(Narasimha) had a visitation from "Lord Brahma" after many years of meditation on a mountain top and was informed he could not have immortality but he could choose his own "death wish". He then replied " let not death come to me either by man or beast, nor devil, nor god shall cause my death by day or by night with steel or stone or wood, indoors or outdoors, or earth or in sky. Grant me undisputed lordship over the world. Brahma agreed and Hiranyakashipu got his death wishes granted. Thus he became practically immortal."
Red Narasimha Mask